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My first snack sticks

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I used a combination of a few recipes that I found on here. I didn't use any real measurements except of coarse for the one for the cure #1. They should have a good bite to them as I used a lot more cayenne and crushed red than others called for. They are being smoked with a mixture of oak, hickory, and maple pellets in my AMNPS. This was a fun first experience. I stuffed them in 16 mm collagen casings I picked up at the sausage maker when I was in buffalo a couple weeks ago. Well, here's what every one is waiting for, the Q-VIEW.

I will add finished pics later
AMNPS works good in my gasser at low temps.


Resting in the beer fridge for the night. Now I have to figure out a way to get all the beer out of the kitchen fridge. Guess I'll have to have a few.

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Cool....cant wait to see the finished q-views.



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Post a couple more pics. Will post more tomorrow.
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Looks GREAT! I make a lot of snack sticks. They don't last long around here.

As for your beer problem. You will just have to Man up and handle it. One

beer at a timecheers.gif

Happy smoken.


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  Nice rack of sticks!  Bet they don't last long.



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Looks great

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Finished pics

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