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How to smoke a Chuckie for slicing

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I have a 9# chuck shoulder to smoke tomorrow fo a family outing. I plan to let it stand in rub overnight and then smoke in the AM at 220 to 240 deg. How long should I plan on the smoke? I also plan to let it stand for 2 hrs in a cooler before slicing. I will make au jus from the drippings

Any hints will be appreciated.


I also smoked potatoes, carrots and onions in broth and drippings but they were over done and too smokie. Has any one got any ideas of when to add them to smoker to make them come out done and lightly smokey flavored.


Thanks for all the help on the forum.

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Chef JJ was right, there are definitely 3 distinct cuts of meat on the 9 # chuck. I will carve them out before I try to slice them. I rub marinated it overnight and brought it toward room temp and injected it while I got the fire going and stabilized this AM. She is smokin' away at 250 right now.


I also plan to start 3 racks of 3-2-1 ribs at noon.


Have a great day, and thanks for all the help. JJ and BB and all you folks in the Forum have turned me into a fanatic! I even bought some Jimmy Dean sausage to try a Fatty.

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Sounds like I'm late for the party. Glad to hear you have it going your way. Remember to post a Qview.

Happy smoken.


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Hello Floyd.  I am sure your family meal is over by now.  I hope all went well.  I may be committing sacrilege here but I tend to find that if I smoke a whole meal things tend to all taste the same.  I try to have smoked meat and maybe 1 dish with a small amount of smoked product added.  It's only my opinion and preference.  Others may have other ideas.  Hope all turned out well.  Keep Smokin!


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Things went well, and everyone enjoyed dinner. The big chuckie was sliced thin and had excellent flavor, particularly with a little au jus added. My wife won't eat rare meat so I cooked it to an IT of 152deg, and that was almost too much. I cooked it for almost 5 hrs to reach 152, and I should have wrapped it at 4 1/2.  It was a little dry, but not bad and had a nice smoke ring. The ribs were falling off the bone good.

I had a little more trouble with temp control this time and went back and forth to adjust the vent and wood to hold the temp in the 230 to 250 range I targeted.  Several times, I ran up to 290 when I tried to add wood to catch a temp fall.


All rubbed up overnight and ready to smoke:



Chuckie is almost done ; ribs are in the 2 of 3-2-1



Ribs all ready to eat. Fallin' off the bone!




All sliced and cut, and sooo good!

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A meal fit for a king!
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Nice looking Chuckie and ribs!

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Looks Hubby wont eat anything that Moo's either.  Looks great!



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Looks good. Next time take the beef to 150°F and rest it. There will be No Pink but still nice and juicy...JJ

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that looks really nice. I have a few well done fans in my group...I think that chuck would pass muster nicely.

chuck and ribs together , man . that's a BBQ !

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Looks so delicious!!! Nice job for sure!

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Thanks everyone. It sure is fun and the reward is a great meal with lots of accolades! We ate well, and have plenty for another 3 or 4 days, even though we gave half to my son.

Thanks for all the help.

JJ: I think next time I cook it to IT of 145 so I get some real pink out of it!

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