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Dinner is at 5pm so into the oven it goes. Should it stay foiled in the oven or should it be in there unwrapped
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yeah you could prob let it cool a lil

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or you pulling or slicing?

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Add a little broth or some fluid and pan and cover. That will keep it from drying out in the next 5 hours. I myself might just rest it in the oven without heat for about 3 maybe 4 hours and then just add a bit of heat before ya take it out. Brisket is best served warm not hot. that way you can cut it.


If its done, hide it or everyone will be full by supper...LOL

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I would wrap it in towels and put it in a cooler. It will be hot at dinner time and just as juicy
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I had to taste it and it was AWESOME!
I gave a little piece to my helper and he dragged a chair over and parked himself there for a good 1/2 hr

As you can see he's so skinny he needs all the bbq he can get
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Hey, that looks pretty good to me. Was it tender and moist?  How was the flavor?



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Originally Posted by vintage View Post

Woof! Thing of beauty , brother! yahoo.gif
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It was super moist, tender and awesome flavor.
Just got from dinner and everyone said it was perfect. I dont understand why my 17 lb brisket only took 14 hrs? I was fully committed to to 25 hrs if needed. If most of the cook wad done at 250 would it have reduced cook time that much?
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They are all different. That's why we go by temp and feel over time
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That's what you are looking for, Great job.



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