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Weber 22.5 Smoker Mod

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Has anyone added some sort of wheels, casters, etc. to the WSM 22.5 smoker to make it more moble?

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drill some holes in the bottom of the legs and mount a chunk of wood or metal to it with some bolts and find the style casters that will work for your purpose and mount those to the wood or metal you mounted to the legs....the metal or wood will help the overall strength of the lower legs when transporting over rough or uneven surfaces

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I haven't but would be interested in seeing anything that someone comes up with!


The lower legs on the WSM are really not sturdy enough to support wheels, so not sure even a chunk of wood can help.  I was thinking more of a fabricated cart that would support the bottom section...



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Anyone have pics of wheels or casters attached directly to the unit?

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It's a very common mod. I've seen it many times on TVWBB and TVWB.
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There are three basic mod styles for casters:

  • Attach the casters directly to the legs of the WSM.
  • Make a square platform with slightly raised edge and casters on the bottom. Place WSM on platform - raised edge makes sure it doesn't slide off.
  • Make a full cart. Usually has casters, side table, and some storage.
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:biggrin: I stand corrected!  I still prefer the cart idea though....



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I think Tonybel has added casters to his legs.

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i like the cart ideas...makes for more functional room/storage

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