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Baby Back Ribs for some pals

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Had some relatives i haven't seen in a few years come visit sunday so I had to make some ribs


Restaurant Depot  and got a three pack of Baby Backs



one rack sweet with brown sugar five spice and white pepper 



one pack hot with slap yo moma, jamacan jerk and curry spices



After four hours on the rack i pulled them, they were very meaty so I let them go longer than the standard three hour guideline



I poured a Dr Pepper and let them sit in a pan covered tightly with foil back on the smoker for two hours,  this shot was after I removed them,  the "flex" was already there on the ribs so I did not return to any heat just put the foil back on and let them sit in the oven (turned off) till dinner was ready



this was the sweet rack cut into two rib portions



here is the hot rack sliced up



Dr Pepper put a nice flavor in the meat,  I put the arch side up in the pan so they do not sit in the juice and get soft,   just kind of steam in it


They went well with some good football games during the day



Thanks for looking 

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Very nice.


Dr.Pepper.  Hmmmmm


Might have to try it.

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Great looking ribs! Bet they'll be visiting more often!!!!
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Nice looking ribs.

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Those are ribiculous.



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Originally Posted by Disco View Post

Those are ribiculous.





you're cracking me up


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  Some really great looking ribs. Nice to be able to try different flavors side by side!



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