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Question about airflow for a converted food warming cabinet.

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Recently acquired a nice food warmer. Bout 6' tall by 20" wide and 26" deep. Primarily going to use it for cold smoking but I have a propane burner, and if temps are high enough I may use it as a hot smoker as well. 


My question is, the guy I bought it from had the same basic idea as me. He cut a hole in the top and placed a nice chimney on it with a baffle. Problem it, it's maybe 3" diameter, very small for the size of a cabinet. I'm very familiar with calculating chimneys and such for offsets and rf's but not quite sure how to go about it with the vertical style. Is this chimney big enough? I'm going to get at least 1 maybe 2 vents for the sides at the bottom. I'll be using an Amazn smoke generator for cold smoking. Maybe a cast iron skillet on the burner if I hot smoke.


Let me know what you think.

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Well hello rob...

here is a pic of my vertical smoker. It was a doughnut transporting box for the store I work at.


I originally started with the side slide vents I put at the top of the side walls. Not enough

so I went ahead with the 3 inch stack at the damper. just wide open. I have a cast iron gas grill burner

that is fed from the left side of the box. and an amnps mail box mod for the smoke on the right. Do your self a big favor and do the mod of some kind for the amnps. with the propane burner and the amnps in the main box I could not get enough air for the amnps to work consistently. With the mod it is an awesome smoker.


Here it is with a load of cheese.


Hope this helps



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awesome, that's what I needed. I'll definately do the mod. Your box looks almost identical to mine. What did you do for grates? I just had a local welder fab up 3 for me out of angle and expanded steel. Figured it was easier than buying or fabing myself. 

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I bought mine through; they had the right size to fit. nickel coated doughnut glazing screens.

and I use the bbq mat from amazing products as well. great stuff.

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Anyone know the temperature tolerances for the rubber hoses for LP tanks? I got one of the gas burners from Northern Tool to use as a heat source in the smoker. I've got a good bit of room at the bottom of the smoker so about 10-12 inches of the hose will be inside the smoker. Is that a hazard? Anyone got any ideas as to options?

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Hey Rob,


I have the same question Re: temp tolerances for the rubber hoses.  Did you have an answer to that?

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I can't help a ton, but I have seen guys set them up both ways, with the hose and with black pipe. If you are concerned about the hose, black piping isn't too expensive, since it would be short pieces.


Hope that helps some.

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5Oaks - Thanks for the reply.  I found a bit of aluminum flashing that I might be able to fab up into a heat shield of some sort.  I'm just beginning so we'll see how it goes : )  Also, sweet looking smoker build!


Here's my build thread:  (just started)

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