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I would say yes for as soon as this guy buys my BrownEgg I am getting it.
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Yup. Even cooks pizzas
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If you still have your masterbuilt, you might want to try an a-maz-en 5x8 ( - not recommending you buy it there, only giving it as a reference). I got a couple at a trade show a couple of years ago - definitely put out more/better smoke than the masterbuilt's own tray. Todd (owner of amazen) said the 5x8 was designed specifically for the masterbuilt - and it fits perfectly.


I use my pellet smoker most of the time, but we use the old masterbuilt and the 5x8 quite a bit too (keep it at my daughter's house). Sure uses a lot fewer pellets too. Also a great solution for cold smoking fish, cheese, etc.


Nice to have alternatives.

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Originally Posted by Avins View Post

I am looking to purchase this pellet grill. I have always had a smoker and a separate grill. Is it possible to grill burgers/hot dogs on this as well?

You can, but you may not be thrilled with the result.


Pellet smokers generally work on indirect heat and work best "low and slow". There is an inverse relationship between smoke and heat in pellet smokers. The hotter they run, the cleaner they burn and the less smoke you will get.

So, you can crank up many pellet smokers hot enough to cook burgers/dogs or even pizza - but they won't get much smoke flavor. Also keep in mind that you will have to burn a LOT of pellets in a hurry to get those high temps, so it is not very economical.


Some pellet grills have a "searing" feature/accessory (like this one for a Louisiana Smoker!/Flame-Broiler-TG300-&-TG300ss/p/48464914/category=17769002 ) that can help make a smoker cook more like a direct grill, but it still won't be like a classic BBQ grill. 


That said, you can slow smoke hot dogs (wonderful flavor) on the pellet smoker, and my kids beg for slow smoked stuffed burgers from the pellet grill - however, if you are looking for "traditional" grilled burgers and dogs, it can be done, but not well (IMHO).


So, personally, I still keep my trusty 15 (?) year old gas grill (the first charbroil stainless - when they offered a real lifetime warranty that they have grown to regret) that I use to burn up burgers and dogs, and we have several pellet smokers (and several other smokers too!).

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I will maintain my Masterbuilt but really plan on the pellet grill.
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I recently purchased one at lowes a month ago and have realized that it wasn't producing a lot of smoke so I called customer service and they said that it's not really a smoker more of a convection oven so I am going to try other smoking products to help get more smoke just beware before you buy
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So this thread hasn't received much attention in a while.  Let me share my thoughts. 


As soon as I got it setup it kept tripping breakers.  Chargiller customer support rapidly sent me a new hotrod and temp gauge.  Let me tell you that was not easy to change out but I got it.  No issues on the smoker working since the fix.


I have had my CG pellet smoker for about a year.  Honestly I still cant form an opinion.  Mainly because I have doubt the entire time I'm smoking due to the fact that there is very little visible blue smoke.  That being said one of the first times it did well and had a nice smoke ring on a boston butt.  The worst smoke was a turkey last month.  I switched and used applewood pellets(might have been the problem).  The turkey had very little smoke and looked like your mother in laws baked boring bird.  The smoker cooked it to temp with no problem and it tasted great with a slight smokiness.  I injected it and seasoned it well which contributed to the taste. 


Here is my big issue and if I can get some answers might solve my problems.  The unknown pandoras box of the temp and P settings.  Here is what I have learned so far.


The Smoke setting I basically for cold smoking.  On P7 it will hang around 120 on a normal outside temp day.  This has the best   Which obviously will not smoke ribs, BB or brisket.  If you lower the P setting it will increase the temp but diminish a lot of the visible smoke.  I am going to test the cold smoke theory by doing my bacon soon.


180 - On a higher smoke P setting it struggles to get to 180.  Again depending on the outside temp.  If you increase the P setting it will hold temp and even go above which fine.


There should be setting here in between 180 & 225.


225 - This should be ideal but it in is the cook mode at this point and not a smoke mode.  The computers sends in pellets to hold temp and pauses to create smoke.  In my opinion the pause time is not long enough to create a substantial amount of smoke.  I get that it is tough for a computer setting to have to figure how much smoke I like.


In regards to burgers, steaks etc.  You have to accept the fact that this turns into an oven above 225.  There is no smoke once it gets hot.  The auger is working steady to maintain a hot temp.  This grill will not hot sear.  It will create grill marks and a slight sear.  You will have to cook burgers and steaks longer.  It does put out some good food you just have to learn how to grill on it.  Especially a higher fat content burger.   


Overall I like it but it is a struggle to figure out.  Please share your thoughts and experiences and we can all get there together.



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I set the little timer on the top and seems I get enough smoke coming out more often. When I bought it I did nto play witht he littel pellet timer now I am set I know this doesn't help to much

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