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Preservatives, and packaged sausages.

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Hi Guy's and Gal's,

Can anyone explain why some packaged sausages doesn't need any refrigeration (until opened)?

I mean the Slim Jim sitting on the counter at 7-11 has to be at least 7 months old, and who can forget Knott's Berry Farm's summer sausages. what's in it? Or how is it prepared?

Or is it just because it's so dry?


I was wondering because I wanted to send my daughter some smoked meat, and sausages.

Will they be ok, vacuum sealed and mailed (say worst case scenario, a week)?





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Traditional Dry Cured, dry and salty, meats like Prosciutto, Coppa, Country Ham and Country Bacon and sausages like Slim Jims, Real Salami, Pepperoni, Kabanosy and such require no refrigeration. Other Cured and smoked but not dried sausage and meats like Kielbasa, City Ham, Bacon, Pastrami and any Fresh Raw sausage require refrigeration and can only be shipped on Dry Ice, quickest way possible without risking food borne illness. If you could be real specific about what you want to make and send, we can give you your options...JJ

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Hey JJ,

Thanks for the reply, I've been thinking on those snack sausages (i.e. Slim Jim) what are they called? Dried sausages, Beer sausages?

Any suggestions for a rookie?


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Here is some info to look at. Rick, aka NEPAS is one of the Snack Stick masters around here. Do some reading then post any questions or hit Rick with a PM for more info...


This is a result of a Slim Jim search. Has input from the other Guru's as well...JJ

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Thanks JJ,

I'll check it out!

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Wow, what a gold mine!!

If I did each one, I'd be good at these snack sticks!

Just ordered 19 mm collagen casing, and powered dextrose.

Can't wait to try these!!

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Have fun...JJ

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