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Got my new smoker.

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Got my new smoker a few months ago. It will hold about 30 racks of baby backs on the main compartment not using the side box. About 15 boston butts at one time. My problem is my business is growing so fast I'm having to turn down bigger jobs. So I'm considering buying a second smoker. Must be a tow behind portable smoker. Help me decide on my second smoker please. I've been asked to do 50 turkeys and hams for Thanksgiving. I can't get very many on my smoker I've got. I would have to take out the top rack to do turkeys and be able to do possibly about a dozen at a time. A used smoker is considered if anyone knows of one close to Knoxville, TN. Five hour drive is not to much one way. Been looking at a Lang, Bubba, Meadow Creek or similar reverse flow smokers. Your help and advise will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Whoa... that's a beauty! Congrats on the business ... good luck on finding another smoker.
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Nice rig!  Congrats on getting busy! There are some guys around the Scottsboro area that make smokers like that.  I haven't seen them in person...but they look great.  You can find them on Craigslist.  Scottsboro is not that far from you.


and Good Luck!



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Wow, that is nice! I would just be worried that the lead time on some big smokers is way too long to help you out for Turkey Day. Guess you need to think about Lang's Dual 108"...That will get the job done...JJ

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