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New to Smoking and making Sausage

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Ok, just got my MasterBuilt Smoker a few weeks ago and want to try everything.  Deer season is upon us and I'm ready to take my share of deer.  My freezer has 20+ pounds of deer from last year and I want to use it up making Summer Sausage.  I took out 11 pounds of Deer and 2 pounds of Ground Pork.  My deer had Pork added to it last year, so I don't really know if the percentage is correct, but I'm hoping it will be close enough to have the sausage come out good.  I bought some Hi Mountain Sausage Mix that comes with the casings and cure, I also picked up some of those pliers with hog rings - Any tips making this would be greatly appreciated!



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Bump for suggestions!  I wanna know too!



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Welcome to the SMF, a great place to learn & mingle. Sooooo many SS recipes and info here to detail but here's a link to get you started. The handy dandy search bar is a great tool...just type in anything and loads of info will pop up and most threads have plenty of photos as well.......Willie

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Crappie, morning......  Follow the directions on the High Mountain mix...   That is the safest procedure to follow.....  Folks who make that mix, know how it should be used....

When you get into making your own spice mix and need to add Cure #1 for safety, there are certain procedures that should be followed for safety reasons...

Until then, packaged mixes, one should always follow the label directions...  


The amount of fat in the meat mix may be a little low....   no real way to tell, how much fat, that I know of... except "eyeballing" the fat content and that would be a wild guess...  If you think it needs more fat, I add the fat from bacon ends and pieces you get at the store..  freeze the fat and grind through the small hole plate in the grinder.....  grind the meat in the larger hole plate for "tooth texture".....  add the mix, mix the meat and fat, and stuff.... let the sausage sit, stuffed, in the refer for a day or two for the cure, spices etc. to mingle for good flavor then smoke or poach or whatever you plan is...... 



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As Dave said you will need to add fat... If the deer meat has been frozen and has any freezer burn you might get a grainy texture....

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Why did the deer have pork added ... is it bulk sausage already?  I don't know why anyone would add pork otherwise.  If it is is isn't usable for another product.


If it is just ground burger then it will likely be just fine with the 2 additional pounds of ground pork.  Then follow the instructions and be sure to add cure.

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I usually add 20 percent pork per batch of sausage. It adds enough to help it bind but not take away from the flavor of the deer.

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You're correct, the pork was added for the fat content only when packaged by my deer processor.  I will be adding an additional2.5 pounds of ground pork just for good measure and I will stick with the recipe on the mix package.  I did buy some of the 1.5 X 12 casings today.  I want to make several smaller sized items just in case they turn out and I want to share.  

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No Freezer burn, I did put the packages in a seal a meal when I picked up my deer from the butcher (packaged)

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Thanks, I will let you know how this batch turns out.  My goal tonight is to let the meat thaw a little more than run all of it thru the "Fine" grinder.  Mix it all up well tonight without the mix, then Thursday evening add the mix, and fridge until Friday afternoon or until Saturday morning.  Any suggestions on how long to smoke and to what temp.  I read many different suggestions, but I'm thinking of starting it out at 130 for an hour after letting it dry a bit increasing it 10 degrees up to 175 for one hour.


I did pick up some shredded cheese that I stuck in the freezer, I will run that thru a processor and re-freeze.  I will add that to the mix as well as a few Habaneros.

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Cant wait to see how things go!


:popcorn  Kat

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:biggrin:  Yep Dave has you covered cant wait till we see the pics.


happy happy happy smokin

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Originally Posted by Crappie View Post

No Freezer burn, I did put the packages in a seal a meal when I picked up my deer from the butcher (packaged)

Thumbs Up

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I think the Fat to Deer % is close, just adding a little more Pork to the meat, I did learn not to use the small/fine grinder Plate - It filled up with "STUFF" and then no meat came out the end of the grinder.

I think I have the right Fat to meat %

First attempt at making Deer Summer Sausage - Adding additional Pork to the deer

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Boykjo, I may need to pick your brain when I try making brats - your photo of Sausage makes me hungry.

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What brain..........LOL


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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

What brain..........LOL

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75

you said it... not me biggrin.gif
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Ok, I filled the casings!


I think in the future I will buy a Sausage stuffer to do this.  The meat grinder was a bit slow and needed a little help, I did it by myself.  Now they are back in the fridge to dry.  Tomorrow they go in the smoker after sitting out an hour or so?  I filled 1/2 with a cheese Summer Sausage mix and the other 1/2 with a Jalapeño Summer Sausage mix.  Silly me, I filled a few and forgot what mix was in them,  Glad I did not let them all get filled without identifying them.





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Looking good...................:drool

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