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Pork hip - extended

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Hi guys and dolls.

I don't know how to name this , I guess pork roast will do.

The "extended" is because I was interrupted while preparing by family obligations (I forgot a funeral).

OK , let's start...

A boneless piece of pork hip (all I could get at the butcher).

Sliced it open , put in 2 slices of bacon (substitute for the bone) and seasoned with mustard , the rub (cajun herbs + brown sugar) , pepper , thyme and fried garlic :

Tied it up :

Brine (or marinade ?) : 1 tbsp salt , 2 tbsp brown sugar , water , and then I threw in the Vietnamese marinade left over from the day before , boiled and cooled down , in goes the hip for 24 hours :

Ready for the kettle with mustard, rub , apple juice and a couple shots of Thai rum (= food safety and well being of the cook) :

After 2 hours at 150*C :

More apple juice and closed the alu foil completely , and another 2 hours at 150*C...

The directors cut :

Normally planned to cool down (wrapped in completely), in the fridge for 24 hours , then 30 minutes in the oven , cover with a bit longan honey and ready...

Then the misses reminded me about her aunties funeral...

We had to stay there (Kanchanaburi) overnight , so the finishing touch was delayed with 24 hours but worked out quite nice : moist and tender roast.

I wanted some kind of gravy , so I fried (light) an onion and worked that up with the roast juice (thickened with corn flour) :

+ taters natural way "en papillotte" (shaky pic) :

Gave this on the plate :

Over the taters a bit of unsalted farm butter...

Dessert (for me anyway) : a big bottle of Singha beer !


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Looks like good eating to me! Happy smoken.


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Thanks David.

At first I worried a bit about the long time in the apple-roast juice , but that turned out fine , took the (bit) salty taste out of the meat also.



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Looks good from here. What was in the Vietnamese Marinade?...JJ

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Vietnamese marinade :

- 2 red onions

- 6 cloves garlic

- 3 stems lemon grass

- 2 limes

- 3 Thai chilis

- 3 roots of coriander

- 2 tbsp brown sugar

- 2 tbsp fish sauce

- 4 tbsp honey

- 2 tbsp sesame oil

- 2 tbsp pineapple vinegar

- 2 shots rum

Cut all the herbs finely , put them in a mortar with the liquids and mash them to mix all the flavors.

I use the the lime peels as well , they give a bit of a bitter taste.

If you like it a bit more salty , just put a bit more of fish sauce.

And those Thai chilis can be hot !

Trow everything over the pre-chopped meat , rub it in , put everything in a sealed sac or container (the smell is strong) and into the fridge overnight.

Shake the meat a bit to get rid of the herbs before grilling.

Note : the rum is optional , I use it a lot for food safety (tropical country).

And to be honest... I won't say no to a rum - coke neither...

If you see some "new" English words , please correct me...


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That sounds good. Thanks for posting. My only challenge may be the Pineapple Vinegar, what is the flavor like and would Palm Sugar Vinegar be ok? I love Golden Boy Fish Sauce, I can darn near drink it out of the bottle. I have not used Coriander Root. Is it that different in flavor than the stems and leaves?...JJ

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Hi JJ.

You can replace pineapple vinegar by any fruit vinegar , no problem , I bought the pineapple vinegar because it's common vinegar here.

There is a bit difference of smell between coriander roots and the upper parts , but the main reason to use the roots and lower parts of the stems is economy and their taste - while cooking or marinating - is a bit more persistent.

And the leaves are used AFTER the cooking --- > give some looks and instant smell to the dish.

If you use the leaves during the cooking most of the taste and smell will disappear.


Anymore questions about Asian style : shoot and I will ask the misses. :icon_wink:


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Thank you Sir. I am huge fan of Thai Food. I get a chuckle every time I order food and the Waiter asks how hot I want it? I answer, " Thai Hot! "...jaw-dropping.gif...:biggrin:...JJ 

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Wonderful recipe!  Looked at the finished picture and it is a fresh ham that is used.  Thank you for such a good writeup!

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Gosh that looks good. I love the Thai spices and your great step by step.





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Thanks guys !

I try to do my best.

And the ham was fresh indeed , got it at the Makro supermarket at about 4.50 USD / kilo.

To bad that it's hard to find bigger bone-in pieces there.

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