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Bummed out

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Got three slabs of bellies going in the smoker late yesterday. Was hoping for an all night smoke while itwas cooler. Filled my amzps with half apple and half hickory after I microwaved them for a minute on high. Got up this morning and rushed out to check them and they hardly had any smoke, checked my amzps and it had went out after it burned almost a whole row of pellets. So my bacon lay there all night in the 70 degree heat and humidity with no smoke. My question to the gurus is my bacon still ok ? Started my amzps again this morning. Thanks for the help in advance.
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If you cured it properly you are fine. I will send JJ a pm and ask him to jump in on this.

Happy smoken.


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Yes, I dry cured with shooter ricks recipe using tq. Cured for 7 days, overhauling every day.
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You should be fine, The Cure and even that small amount of smoke, 2-3 hours would keep you safe. Some guys Smoke Bacon for Days with or without refrigerating in between. I would put at least another 10 hours of smoke on it...JJ

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