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My First Smoke: Chicken Thighs

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So I broke in my new smoker today and had my first smoke, chicken thighs. Yesterday, I rubbed them with a bunch of seasonings (paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, s & p, weber kick'n chicken)...
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I put them on today, on my Brinkmann Vertical Charcoal Smoker...

I used applewood to smoke, and apple juice and water in the water pan. My smoker gage said it was in the "ideal" range and when I took the temp, it said about 300 degrees. I put the thighs on at 1:10pm. At 2:30pm I checked them, and the internal temp read 178 degrees...they were DONE!
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They turned out incredibly moist and delicious, and even the skin was fairly crisp and edible. First smoke...SUCCESS!
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Now youre hooked.... Looks goos man.

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Looking good. If you got the skin crispy on the first try your doing better than most of us!
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I bet those thighs were very good!



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You can not go wrong with smoked chicken. So good.and this is the best thing that the brinkmann bullet smoker does. Yours came out great! grilling_smilie.gif
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Those look really good. Was thinking of trying some thighs myself. Just did my first smoke this weekend with some wings. They were pretty good and plan on doing them again this weekend for some friends. Keep on smoking my friend.

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No looking back now. Won't be long until we are seeing ribs pulled pork and briskets.

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Thanks everyone! I am definitely addicted now. Cant wait until i get back out there with other stuff and start smokin again! Next stop...PULLED PORK!
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From the looks of those thighs, you will do a great pulled pork. Just one question, am I invited?



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I smoked for the first time as well. Pork loin I was pretty impressed with my self.
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Do a whole chicken and be sure to do about a 9 or 10 pound turkey in there, you will never want one cooked in your household oven again.

Those look great.

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Great looking thighs. Love dry rub. Keep on smoking!
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I'm smoking mine on a weber kettle with apple and cherry. Keeping temp steady. Those look awesome:drool:

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Nice looking Chicken , and a good choice for your first cook. Now you are ready for a bit bigger Smoke. Try the whole Bird as shrtrdave said , and


do one Beer can style and one Spatchcocked . A few cooks with Yard bird and you'll be ready for Pork Butt ,


Have fun learning your new toy and practice your fire maintenance , good heat is helpful when BBQing.


Get yourself some good therms. ( like the Maverick 733 or a Thermopen ) and don't trust the stock therm.





Have un and .. .

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