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Trouble keeping heat

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I'm hoping you all smoking veterans can give this newbie some advice.  I have a Char Griller Duo with  firebox.  I've had it for a couple months and absolutely love it.  I'm new to smoking meats like this.  I have smoked ribs, chicken, pork roasts, and even a turkey and all have turned out good.  The only problem I am having is that I am having a hard time keeping my heat up.  I would appreciate any feedback.  Thanks in advance.

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It takes air and fuel to make heat. Tell us what you are doing. What and how much are you using for fuel?

Happy smoken.


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I started off with a chimney full of charcoal.  After I added that to the smoker, I added another 1/2 chimney of unlit charcoal.  Both stack and the vent were open.  I covered the smoker grate with foil and I used a couple handfuls of soaked hickory chips on the grate.  My temperature got up to 220 but after a couple hours it began to drop.  I added charcoal and wood chips several times.  I even emptied the ash pan and added new lit charcoal.

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Covering the grate with foil is blocking your air flow. I had a similar problem when I wrapped several racks of ribs and put them on one grate. Temp dropped 40 degrees, and I couldn't get it to go back up. When I pulle the ribs out and shut the hatch, the temp went up 80 degrees.
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