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St. Louis Spare Feast - w/ QView

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Would love to get some thoughts from the experienced folks on here. My 3-2-1's (process and pics below) were experiencing MAJOR pullback when I unfoiled them. Still, I put them on for an hour more. Spares were about 3 lbs per slab, which I understand can be small for St. Louis cut, so I'm not sure if I overcooked and should have gone for 2-2-1 instead.


Thoughts? Either way, they still got rave reviews.




My wife was at the store with clear instructions. "Bring home 2 slabs of St. Louis spare ribs - it's probably more than we need, but we'll have leftovers."


Here's what came home:



Six slabs, two packs. Oh well.  Time to have people over!


I froze one pack, but took the three slabs from the other for the smoke. Made a simple homemade rub (4 tbsp turbinado sugar, 2 tbsp each of SPOG, 2 tbsp paprika, 2 tsp ancho, 2 tsp chipotle) and put them on with a bit of hickory chunks and apple chips.



Oh, and here's why we don't trust our smoker thermometers, folks!



Just put on.




I'm a newb, so I figured I should try both Eric's wet-to-dry and the 3-2-1 method. 2 hours in, I dumped the water from the pan, and 3 hours in, I foiled 2 of the slabs (leaving 1 nekkid) so I could compare 3-2-1 to no foil at all.




Here's the unfoiled slab after 5 hours.



And the 3-2-1's right after coming out of the foil.



I left both on unfoiled for another hour, stopping halfway through to sauce them with some Sweet Baby Ray's. Here they are out of the smoker and resting.



Portioned and plated. 3-2-1 first, followed by the naked:



And the rest of the feast!


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The only thing that would make this meal better would be if I was invited. Very nice.


Which method did you prefer.



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I liked the 3-2-1. I think I got better pull-back, which let the meat shrunk into a more compact but thicker shape. You can see in the pics that the foiled rack looks meatier than the unfoiled.

When I smoke the other pack, I'll do it again but try too select the thickest of the three slabs to go naked to confirm that theory.
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