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Hi, we are new to all this smoking stuff and trying to learn from everyone, but have no idea what you are talking about when you write

AMZNPS?? We just bought an electric masterbuilt smoker too, 4 rack, wood chip box inside. Doing a whole chicken today, hopefully turns

out great. Thanks for any advice you can give....Patti W.

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It's a device used to add smoke sold by A-Maze-N Products (a sponsor of this site).
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Thwack, I didn't do anything super special. I used a small torch to light it and made sure it had a flame buring for 10 minutes or so before I blew it out. The. Put it on the bottom rails of the smoker. The top vent was fully open. I totally removed the chip tray and pulled the chip loader out about an inch to make sure it got enough air. About an hour or so in, I pushed the loader all the way back in and it still had plenty of air. What was your setup for the top vent and chip tray/loader?
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I figured it out.  I DIDN'T have the vent full open! That was the problem. Thank you for your reply. I'm a Nube, and I REALLY appreciate the help.  Right now, I'm making smoked chipotle peppers........mmmmm.


I'm Kind of addicted to smoking things now.. The dogs had better watch out, or they might be next LOL.

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Hey Thwack

I love chipotles, but have absolutely no idea how to make them.  Any and all info greatly appreciated


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I posted a new thread yesterday on how to do them. Just look at my profile, and it's there. It's the only one I have so far.

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