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MES 40" fault AEE1

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Alright guys. Smoker is giving this fault. I can set the temp and the time and the element will run out of control and then shut off. The whole time the the smoker temp never moves from 30 degrees. I suspect the thermostat in the smoker has gone bad.

I forgot mention after smoking 55 racks of ribs it caught on fire and a buddy just closed the door to let it go out. After drilling the back off it got hot enough to melt some insulation. Any suggestion on parts or troubleshooting?? Masterbuilt is sending me another but I would like to fix this one. Help??
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What was the outside temp when you turned on the MES? I seem to remember that AEE1 message pops up when it is really cold out. Warming the temp sensor, center a few inches above the Chip/Element housing and the Controller with a Blow Dryer should get you back in business...JJ

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It was roughly 75 degrees outside. I think the sensor you speak of go burnt up. It's about the size of a pencil eraser. I can't find a wiring diagram to check it with a meter. I believe I could fix it if someone had a extra sensor lying around from a broken smoker.
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Chris, morning.....  If your location was in your profile, it would help up to answer many questions...   Dave

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I found the wiring diagram for the MES 30 - haven't found one for MES 40. Also I searched the fault code you mentioned and came up with nothing. The code that shows when the temp is really cold and the MES fails to start is EAAF.

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I'm fairly certain the diagrams are the same for the two units......    Dave

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Dave. I am currently stationed in Italy. I am active duty Navy.
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Originally Posted by Navychris View Post

Dave. I am currently stationed in Italy. I am active duty Navy.

ITALY!!!!......  You are in the land of some great fermented and aged meats....  Holey Cow....  Take some pics of the meats hanging in the shops for us to drool over....     And thanks for your service...  


We, on the forum, love you......   ....WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK...




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I'll take some pics the next time I go to the market. They take goats and cut them from nose to tail and then hang them outside their shops on display. Crazy.

Hopefully I can find a temp sensor. Keep an eye out for me. Thanks.
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No kidding!  I'd love to have access to those cuts!!!!  You're definitely on the hook for some pics.

I want plenty of pics of sausages, too.  I'd love to be able to make some of the funky ones.  Steal recipes if at all possible.


Sorry about hijacking your thread.

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