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Q-view Brisket

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Celebrating my daughters 13th bday with brisket and spareribs. Got the whole family coming by....only 10 of us...I hope a 15 lb brisket and one rack of ribs will suffice (ribs mainly for a sampler).

Party at 2pm so I pulled an all nighter getting a few hours of sleep before 11pm and a few naps in between the spritzing.

As I have a Vertical Brinkmann I had to separate the point and the flat. Almost 7 hours in the point was at 145F. Getting a little bark started. I planned on at least a 12 hour smoke but we'll see if it stalls or not.

Back to my fire put to keep me warm. It's 36 degrees outside so I made a separate wood fire. Camping in the backyard in October---love it!!!
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Looking good so far!
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Happy birthday your daughter and god bless.
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Looks great! Happy Birthday!
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