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1st snack stick

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I made my 1st cased snack sticks yesterday. I should b more clear I started this on Friday with the mixing of the meat. I stuffed them into LEM 21mm collagen casings. Had a problem with casings coming apart. Should I of soaked them even though the package said not to? Going to smoke them in an hour or so what pellets should I use? I have apple, cherry, orange, mullberry, pitmaster, winebarrel, hickory, and
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Pitmaster!  And we need a q-view!

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Q-view to follow shortly along with list of ingredients.
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I'm in :popcorn

I say pitmaster or apple.

Happy smoken.


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Everyone got their SNACK and cold drink here is some Q-View

This is 80/20 ground beef 9.59 lbs



i did 2 batches 4.55 was first i used the premix, cure mixed with 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup buttermilk powder





2nd batch same amounts but i added about 1/8 tsp. Ghost Pepper

That orange powder is Ghost Pepper i dried and ground

Me and my boy(10) Seth


Here is the Ghost Pepper ones

The plain ones

Here they are in the Cajun with the Amazn Pellet smoker one row of Pitmaster Cherry mix.

more to come when i take them out to cool.

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Ghost pepper!! Those are going to be some serious sticks.
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Can spell 'Oh darn, these are hot'?  Cause that is what your going to have once your done.

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No need to soak the collagen caseings unless they are old and a little brittle. Then just a quick dip in warm water does the trick. I make a snack stick that has ghost,habinero,cayenne pepper in it. They r delicious.
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Here they are out of smoker having a rest

kids wanted some strips too



i was dumb and didn't keep plain separate from ghost pepper ones will find out what is what soon enough

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Snack stick Russian roulette!

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Originally Posted by ATS32 View Post

Snack stick Russian roulette!

Yep, exactly what I was thinking.

You might be able to seperate buy look, if not cut just a sliver of each stick and seperate by taste.
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They do look great though. What kind of casing did you use that you were having problems with?

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Looks GREAT! I have been doing nude sticks based on Bearcarvers sticks.Man are they good!

Your going to have some good eating. Till you find76.gif

Happy smoken.


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Originally Posted by ATS32 View Post

They do look great though. What kind of casing did you use that you were having problems with?

They were LEM 21 mm collagen ones. They would rip real easy the place I bought them might of had them for awhile. I will dip them in water next time i use them.
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Yeah, if your tongue falls off, you'll know you have one with ghost pepper in it LOL


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Those are some good looking sticks............ Nice job and a great way to spend time with your son... I miss those days..... Enjoy it while you can..... Dads are #1 until girls and buddies come along at around
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Nice job on the sticks! I use the same brand of seasonings and I've experimented to see if we need to add more or less. 

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