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Wild hog and crawfish sausage

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Well, I process wild hogs all the time for an Org. I run. But one of the things I do is try to keep the hunters that donate happy. Had a cook- off that was coming up too (July ) . So, here I go.. Sausage making time. I needed something good to keep them and sponsors happy. So, I bought 4 bags (1Ibs) of crawfish , ground 25 Ibs. Of hog meat. 2-3 blocks of sharp cheddar cheese. Now, y'all can get on to me but I season to taste. But I used fijita seasoning, garlic power, mustard powder, salt, black pepper, and chennye pepper. Stuffed it in natural casing then smoked in my smoker ( cardboard box) smoked for 10 hrs. Man, it was great
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Sounds like it was great skeeter and welcome to SMF.........I see you didnt list cure along with your seasonings..... Did you add some? Next time take some pics of your sausage processes and post them up in the sausage forum... We'd love to see them......

Good luck and
happy smoking

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Yes I did I used the pink salt... Still working on smokehouse .. As soon as I get it done I make something sausage wish.
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I was just about to ask about the Cure. It is also very important to get all the sausage to an IT above 140°F, Wild Hogs are frequently carriers of Trichinella Spiralis, the nasty little worm that causes Trichinosis...JJ

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