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Smoked wings

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This was not only my first attempt at smoking poultry but also only my second attempt at smoking anything on my new Brinkman trailmaster. Here's a little Q view so you can see how they came out. I went very simple, injected half of the wings with Buffalo butter and the other half with Jalapeño butter.  Then I sprinkled the skin with Creole seasoning. The smoker ran great at a solid 300 degrees for the whole smoke.   IMG_20131012_123050_045.jpg 1,191k .jpg file The wings were quite tasty and I got several compliments for my buddies who said they were much better than fried

IMG_20131012_134729_136.jpg 1,307k .jpg file


IMG_20131012_152241_112.jpg 761k .jpg file  

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Brain foul. Here are the pics.

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That's a lot of wings! Looks Great!!!
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Wow jalapeño butter sounds real good. Will have to try that. I agree, smoked wings are far better.
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How long did you smoke em? That looks great, ha some smoked wings at a bar a few weeks ago and vowed that I would someday try..
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They were on for about 3 hours total
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Those look delicious. :drool

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I could go for some of those wings right now!! they look great!! Reinhard

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