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Sorry, I've been busy for the last few weeks and have gotten sick over the last few days……. I was looking to find a buyer for the box dollarsign.gifdollarsign.gifdollarsign.gif, I couldn't pass up a chance at making a few bucks.....So I put it on Craigslist and called a couple restaurant supply housed around town that I deal with. I had several offers, but for what they were offering would not be able to build something nearly as nice as this a smoker it becomes......... I was planning on building this sophisticated controller with a standing pilot light, thermocouple protection along with an adjustable thermostat.


I have been :droolover this controls since I brought the box home, but at this time of year, I have to tighten up the budget a little more, due the holidays and my love to cook, I can’t spend this kind of dollarsign.gifdollarsign.gifdollarsign.gifon it:wife: ..... Even with me just buying a couple parts and fabricating the others the boss said,  I can have dollarsign.gifdollarsign.gifdollarsign.gif to build the smoker or I can have the dollarsign.gifdollarsign.gifdollarsign.gif for meat to put in the smoker........76.gif...... I decided to go with the meat for now:yahoo:!!!! .........So I decided to go old school and use Pops6927 set up for now :first:……I ordered this burner ........


 and I ordered a roll of this to seal the door with......




 They sent me the wrong item in the mail, so I'm still waiting on everything to come in as we speak....... (BTW,  When I e-mailed the gasket company about them sending me the wrong item, there was no questions asked other than what item did I want, they stated that the item would be in the mail that day....So far they seem like a very respectable company, I'll let you know)......... My wife and kids tell me that I look like a dog waiting on a bone everyday when I come in from work....The first thing I do is check the mail, then when nothing but bills and junk mail have come in, they say I look like a sad puppy...... th_HaHAAHaa.gifIt’s not everything that I wanted for this build, but for now it will work:banana_smiley:….. I know that Pops has produced plenty of great food with his :77:, so I hope that I can too51.gif........  ShoneyBoy

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The Boss is always right (Well maybe)   But  ......   If Mama ain't happy ,  no ones happy     Sometimes you have to do what you have to, especially with the holidays and Christmas coming up, gets more expensive every year.



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