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I agree with dis 1, The navel cut is what I have had at Langers and it is more fatty like bacon. The steam is also the thing I am doing when wrapped in foil with water. The steam cooks the meat through without drying out. I think I'm about to go make a pastrami after talking about it. The whole family loves it and they want me to make one just for them, lots of work.

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Originally Posted by KathrynN View Post

How did it taste....the q-views look great! Kat

Yeah. It does look good...but how was the flavor? Not too salty? grilling_smilie.gif
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Dls1, that's almost the same words in what I read about Langer's.  But now I'm curious about steaming.  Your mention is the first I've heard of that.  Keep in mind though, I'm very much a newbie.


Just returned from town with a small corned beef and a couple packs of ribs.  I have a question but will ask in a new thread so as not to Hj this one.

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Montreal Smoked Meat, which is better than :) -->, pastrami is always steamed.


The other essential thing for smoked meat or pastrami is a cutter. Always by hand, never by machine.


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Nice, I'll be slicing mine up tonight...
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what is navel???

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That's the little tummy thing that I Dream Of Genie had to cover up or get taken of the telly.

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Here's mine being sliced tonight:





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All vac packed:


Awesome 'strami, not too salty at all. My 9 year old said its his new favorite meal!
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