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Bought some this morning at RD for $2.65/lb
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Smoking shawn, here in Washington and Oregon there is a place called Cash and Carry, they are open to the public and usually have frozen pork bellies. Cash and Carry is a division of Smart Foods, or something close to that name.


I bought 1 about 2 weeks ago for the price of $2.49 per pound.



just to add, it is called Smart and Final. you should be able to google them and cash and carry and then search for locations, hope this helps


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ya we have some smart and finals. Yesterday I asked one of the guys at the meat counter at stater brothers  they can order some for 3.99 a pound that seems a little high but it beats 4.25 a pound it doesn't sound like much but it will add up fast

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3.49 a lb here at my local butcher.

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If you live in Houston area......Try AMEGO's meats.. The sell to the public..  You have to get a case, and you'll need freezer space.  They generally run 50 -58 #,  The I have purchased it for 1.90 a pound with skin on, and later got a case with NO skin.  Either way it was under 2 bucks a pound.  The Family, friends and neighbors have enjoyed THICK cut bacon, for a long time



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My local Asian market carries them.

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Remember with prices , smiling helps a lot, so does your knowledge. Ask the butcher a price for a case of sides. If Swifts that is 6 sides. I assume now most packers will use 6 as a case quantity.


Then ask a case price, and a single side, and a trimmed side. If you give him the three options he'll hit high on the trimmed, low and the case.


At this point you get your wife or girlfriends to flash those pearly whites at him again (don't let your wife find out you brought your girlfriend!) Then ask if the butcher would consider holding the case in his reefer and allowing you to pull one a week for six weeks. Actually I do two every two weeks but it averages the same.


Then after that first batch, take that butcher a piece and give to him. Ask advise, opinion, etc etc etc.... Get him on your side. If you are successful ask what he'd want to slice and wrap? Maybe a piece of macon would help with all that work...... Hmmmm.....


A good butcher is as great as a good barber, banker, doctor, accountant, lawyer, or dentist ( although not sure there's ever a good lawyer or dentist).

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Originally Posted by smoking shawn86 View Post

I would like to know where to buy whole pork bellies.Where I live bacon is getting too expensive were paying $4.25 a pound that is craze.I would like to start prepossessing my own bacon,pules it would give me a excuse to build a small smoke house.

If you are in southern california, there should be asian markets in your area that will have pork bellies.

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