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Making Venison Kielbasa - Need Heip

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I've been searching for some info on making venison kielbasa and have come up with ingredients and cooking temps but I haven't seen any times or what kind and how much of wood chips to use. I am new to this forum so any help will be appreciated.

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Will you be making fresh or cured smoked kielbasa?
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Smoked Kielbasa!

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Not famillar with you smoker so I dont know how much chips you will need. Applewood is best for kielbasa. Dry the casings after stuffing to form a pellicle and I like to smoke for about 2 hrs then finish without smoke.. Another question.. you will be using cure?
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Yes I will! From all that I read, cure is a safe bet to avoid botulism.


This is the recipe I got off of this forum:


for 10#

7# Ground Pork Shoulder

3# Ground Venison

2 Cups non fat dry milk. (use as a binding agent)

3 Tbs Kosher Salt

2 tsp Cure

1 Tbs Raw Sugar

1 Tbs Black pepper

2 Tbs finely chopped fresh garlic

1 Heaping tsp Marjoram

2 Cups Ice 

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I am using a 30" Masterbuilt electric smoker.

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Thats a good recipe your starting with..... I would go 50/50 on the venison/pork... With 30/70 percent venison/pork you wont even know its there.......... IMHO
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About how long does it take to smoke 10# of kielbasa?
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Start your smoker at 120 degrees and bump up the smoker temp 10 degrees every hr till you hit 175. Should take anywhere to 12 hrs to 18hrs depending on the casing size.....Also a loaded smoker will slow your cook time so go by temp not by time.......I would only add smoke for 2 hrs but a lot of people smoke all the way for a deep smokey flavor.... Bring the sausage to an internal temp of 160,place it in a cold water bath, cool then hang to bloom........
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I've been Smoking Kielbasa, cheese, Bacon, Poultry and stuff for thirty years. I used to smoke my Kielbasa for 8 to 10 hours like many others, then I tried smoking my Kielbasa differently. Now I start at about 100 to 120 degrees for about two hours then move up to 160 to 180 for an hour and 200 for the last hour. Now my Kielbasa is not dry and not shriveled up. The finished product is juicy, hard and the flavor is not dried out.  I must say I use a home built smoker, a fire box that is close to 15 feet away and maple and Cherrywood for my Kielbasa. After all, when cooking Pork 170 degrees for an hour should take care of the cooking process especially since the Kielbasa is only at most an inch and a half think. Why dry it out?

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Very true!  All you have to do is get it above 155° - 160° and it's done!   Then a quick cold water bath, let it dry and enjoy!

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I wondered why the cold water bath, I've heard about this and remember trying years ago but don't remember exactly why I did not like the cold water bath. Could you give me some more information on the cold water bath?  Thank you. 

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I would like to also ask if anyone else does not like using Nitrate for a cure? Smoked Kielbasa related. Thank you. 

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To the best of my knowledge is mostly to stop it from cooking and harden any fat left. I guess you can say it is cold curing you product.

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Yeah, I tried soaking a few rings of my just smoked Kielbasa in cold water and let the others just cool slowly on their own and I personally saw no difference. I will say, it was really good. :}

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Today's Kielbasa and Cheese smoke.

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Very Nice!

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Love your smoker, Woodsmoker!  Nice work all around.

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