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First Fatty (w/ Q-View)

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I have been cooking on smokers for the better part of 2 years now, but have never made a fatty.  So last weekend I wanted to get a quick cook in on the new smoker, and figured I would attempt to cook my first one.  Here's what I ended up with,














 Since this was my first attempt, I figured I would keep the ingredients simple.  Prior to putting this all together I read the sticky from this forum on how to roll/prepare a fatty.  Man that was a huge help.  The instructions were very clear, and the end results were awesome.  I placed this fatty on a 275 degree pit, and used cherry wood for the smoke.


When the fatty was finished, and I tasted it for the first time, HOLY COW!  I think I am gonna be a fatty junkie.  This thing was freakin' out of this world.  I bought all the stuff to make another one this weekend.  This time I'll add a few veggies.  Thanks for the great cooking tips.

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:drool: Looks GREAT! Very nice weave. The skys the limit as to what you can add to a fatty.

Happy smoken.


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Time for me to read the sticky and get some FATTIES going in Colorado. Looks Excellent

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Nice job!


Now you are ready to stuff one with all kinds of goodies!


I'm thinking of doing a Bulgolgi fatty soon....



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Looks great! The only problem i have with fatties is now that I started making them i can't stop! I've got three on the smoker right now.
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MrGriz that is so true!  I made two fatties yesterday myself.  They are pretty quick, easy to change up and gives you some "together" time with your smoker.  :icon_lol:

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It,s a addiction theirs no know cure for this......................................:)
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Looks great! How long did you smoke it for?

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Curious as well to the length of time for smoke and IT for this product.

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That looks terrific. I have been on the edge of trying a fatty. You are pushing me that way more. Good post too.



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I stick it with a probe and smoke at 225 till an IT of 165. 

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I smoked it at 275 degrees until the IT was 165.  Took about 2 hr to cook.

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