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Wrapping & Rubbing Turkey Breast

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Hello all,


I have a 3.5 lb boneless turkey breast sitting in brine right now. Hope you're all sitting, but I can't wrap anything in bacon since we keep kosher.


Once the looks of horror subside, here are my questions. I had thoughts of wrapping it in Beef Fry, which is the closest kosher equivalent to bacon.


1) Will the beef (vs bacon) do anything unpleasant to the taste?


2) If I do it, should the turkey get hit with a rub, then the weave, then more rub on the outside? 


Thanks - Qview later once I'm done.



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I don't know what beef fry is but I sure would give it a shot! It's gotta be good! I would rub the turkey then wrap it.
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It's some form of cured beef (I can't figure out which part of the cow) designed to mimic to the best of its ability actual bacon. Since I have no experience with the real thing, I can't tell you how far it actually is from bacon.


I think I'll wrap it anyway - if nothing else it will keep the turkey moist and I can always toss the beef if it doesn't taste like anything. I think I might mix hickory & apple and see what happens.


Thanks S2 and I'll keep you posted.

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OK, got the Q-view ready - three + hours on hickory and apple.


The Beef Fry Weave, based on the Bacon Weave tutorial here:



Post-brine turkey breast



Rubbed with the Weber Texas Dry rub



Wrapped (mostly) in beef fry - I filled in the spaces as best I could after



About two hours in:



Tossed on some spare ribs and an elderly eggplant we needed to use up



Finished up spare ribs, after about 3 hours. I don't think they're a great cut for smoking, but the taste was good



Turkey finale:



Turkey was fantastic - nice and moist, and the beef fry crisped up nicely overall. One issue is I think more smoke flavor ended up on the beef than in the turkey, but overall this was a successful effort.

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