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Meat to fat ratio

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So I am trying my hand at sausage for the first time. I picked up a High Mountain summer sausage kit. It gives beef to pork ratios but doesn't talk about fat at all. I have a chuck roast and pork butt I was going to use. I didn't know if I should use all pork fat or have beef fat in there as well? Also how much fat should I use? Thanks nick
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Grind them both and use them the way they are......Or if the butt is trimmed and has the fat cap removed you will need to add some pork fat. Try to have a 80/20 to 70/30 lean to fat ratio..... If you want to be precise separate all the the fat from the meat and weigh it out, then add pork fat if needed. If you want beef fat its a matter of preference but most people use pork fat.......

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That Boykjo is a pretty smart fellar when it comes to sausages.

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