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Boneless butts

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So I went and picked up a 2 pack of bone in butts only to get home and find out to my surprise thy are boneless. Don't know if they were mislabeled or what but I'm stuck with them. So never cooked one before but I assume it's the same as a regular butt. The only problem is there is a lot of loose flaps of meat where they took the bone out. Should I use some butcher string and tie it all up or just cut them off? Thanks for any input. Nick
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I would rub it down then tie it up, gives extra surface area for the rub to adhere to. I've had to tie bone in butts before.
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You can tie it up with twine for a neater package while cooking and it will help the boneless meat hold together better when shrinkage form cooking begins. Be advised, boneless butts are no longer considered intact whole muscle meat, but are instead a compromised muscle, so the 41-135*/4hr danger-zone time/temp guideline for prep and cooking should be adhered to for food safety purposes. Smoke chamber temps should be running hotter (example: 250* instead of 225*) to get the butts through the danger zone in a reasonable amount of time.




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Do you notice any difference in the finished product between boneless and bone in?
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Boneless come out fine - the main trick is to tie them up as mentioned by the others. Othewise the thinner sections cook faster than the thicker portions giving you an inconsistant product.

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Boneless butts are usually what I find up here. I have found that the boneless usually take a little longer to reach temp than bone-in.

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