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Anyone else have issues accessing the forum with Tapatalk? It used work fine but not for a few weeks.
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what r u using? iOS, Android or windows? i know my tapatalk for windows phone great on iOS, or at least i knew it worked great. lol.
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iPhone 5 ios7
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Just figured out Tapatalk works but not Tapatalk pro.
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just updated my taptalk could get throug before update 1hr. ago WTF

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Haven't been able to use my tapatalk since the update about a week ago. Sucks. The mobile app is still pretty kickass.
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Just installed it will try it out.

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Mine quit working about 10 days ago, and just started working again today. It seems to do this randomly over the last 6 months or so.
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how do you down load smf app or get taptalk to work on android devicehead-wall.gif

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go to your settings do a search for smoking meat forums

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go to the bottom of the SMF home page and tap mobile.  Since they came out with that

I haven'tused tap.

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