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Wood N Smoke

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Hi I have a Brinkmanns Smoke  N Pit.. At first I was only using Kingfords charcoal and lump charcoal, yesterday I started putting in 2 pieces of my fireplace wood, just threw in, when the charcoal was dying down.The wood burned really good, and kept the heat up. Would like to use more wood in the future, in combination with charcoal.

Here is my question the wood more I use won't that over smoke my food?


Thanks Dan

PS I just like a hint of smoke in my food.

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What kind of fireplace wood are you using?


I have a OK Joe & use only wood to smoke with. I use Oak and it gives it a light smoked flavor..



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I have a smoke and pit and I use mostly wood. I use oak , cherry and apple. It works out fine. I start with kingsford blue and move on to wood. I still add a little charcoal with it. Good luck.
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When using wood as a fuel source of course you're gunna get smoke flavor. Lots more than you would just using coal and adding chunks or small splits. Also depends on what kind of wood ur gunna be using.
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Hi I genally use apple or cherry mini splits for pork.
The fireplace wood I used was seasoned. I don't really know what the fireplace wood was, either Oak or Maple, I'm guessing.
I was thinking of getting a cord of apple or cherry wood for the fireplace and use some for the smoker. I would have to cut it down to fit into the smoker firebox.

I just DON'T want to oversmoke my meat.
Thanks Dan

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Fruit woods give a pretty light smoke flavor, and you aren't likely to oversmoke your meat... if you feel like you might be oversmoking it, just wrap the food in foil, or switch back to charcoal for fuel.
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