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1st Attempt at venison summer sausage

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Well here it goes. This has been in the works for about 3 years. I have been making my own jerky and that is AWSOME. Never bought another bag in the store since. Now for the summer sausage. I am tired of the usual ground burger and ground sausage since my processor does not make link sausage I had bought the LEM 5# stuffer and figured why not go for it when I had a few days off work. To me this turned out to be a 3 day process. 1st day I mixed the meat and stored in the fridge overnight. Next morning I stuffed into the cases and back in the fridge to set up a little
Next they were smoked on my Traeger TExas grill for a little over 3-1/2 hours
Once the internal temp reached 155-160 I took them off and shocked them in a college of ice and water until the internal came back down to around 70-80 degrees. now back into the fridge overnight to let everything settle and dry out properly. Ok I couldn't wait this is my taste test after the ice bath and I must say it came out pretty dang good
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First off welcome to SMF and were glad to have you aboard...Can you swing over to roll call and introduce yourself so we can give you a proper welcome and don't forget to fill out your location in your profile.... Looks like you nailed it with the summer sausage.. It looks great


Thanks and

Happy smoking



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That's some good looking SS. I made elk/ground beef SS and snack sticks a week or so ago.


Did you use a commercial seasoning or make up your own recipe? Was it all ground venison or a blend? 

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I use the Backwoods seasoning packets. They have great flavor. I also use them for my jerky and everyone eats it up faster that I can imagine. My next adventure will be snack sticks. I had my processor do a smooth ground and add 5% pork fat and it worked out great. 17pounds of venison and ended up with between 14-16 pounds of meat packaged. I added my seasoning and the rest is history
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Looks great! Love summer sausage.



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:welcome1:Very nice job, l am a official taste tester and it is important that you send me some now just to make sure it is ok, :ROTF

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