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thats looking real tasty,   makes me want some ribs this weekend


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Ribs are ready, had to deliver 1/2 ribs and a brisket to my #2 son and grandson, other half of ribs for my grandson who lives with us both are 16 Brisket resting will unwrap and cut in a bit.



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Here is what I've been waiting on  ......   Total cook time 12 hours rest time 1 hour






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Brisket turned out with good bark and very juicy, everybody seemed to like it. I ate a little, BBQ has always been my favorite food, but about 6 years ago I started having some medical problems and was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and Type II Diabetes. Long story short meat , especially smoked meat and I do not do well. But sometimes I just say what the heck and go for it and usually pay the price the next several days. The up side is I really enjoy smoking for family and friends. As long as I jus nibble a little and don't over do it not so bad.

Thanks for viewing the cook.



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Hey Gary, Nice looking smoke you did there.......Your brisket and ribs looks great...... I know when I make ribs I make about three racks because my 22 yr old son thinks a full rack is a tiny morsel. I get about 4 ribs out of three racks and the rest are history....... looks like the kids and the grand kids will be eating good tonight....................Thumbs Up



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Thanks, I took one brisket and half of the ribs over to my #2 son's house Both grandsons are 16 and had a ball game last night, the grandson who lives with us came in and ate his after the game. I pretty well have to cook some ribs every time for them. I started out just to cook brisket but, you see how that went. A lot of times I'll go to Sam's and get 3 packages of Baby Back each Pkg. has 3 racks so I will cook 9 racks and usually throw on some chicken halves and boudin.



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Nice job Gary....drool.gif
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Thank you

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