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Canadian thanksgiving

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Was planning on buying a small sized turkey for Canadian thanksgiving. Going to butcher it an braise the legs and thighs in a vadouvan sauce. I am going to smoke the breast on my webber one touch silver grill, which I use to smoke all my meats. I have had a lot of success with chicken and feel up to it. The weather looks like it will be clear for here, which means no rain, and around 15 degrees. 


I am planning on brining the turkey. Here's the thing. I want to smoke the day before and reheat to make it easier, as I am going to be making a few complex sides the day of if everything goes according to plan (there will be a savoury cornbread and jowl bacon bread pudding involved). Any suggestions for reheating? I was thinking of either straight up baking it or baking it in a dish with stock to keep the meat moist and leaving the skin exposed to crisp.


Another question is on or off the bone? Also I'm guessing this will take around 4-5 hours at 225-250 which is the temp I can maintain most consistenlty on the webber. 

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Ok , I've read this several times and I think I've finally figured out what the questions are...biggrin.gif

To reheat , I think the slow cooker is always a good option , although that might mess up the skin.
The oven is ok too as long as you are careful not to dry it out. That might be your best way to go if there's a lot of skin fans in the crowd. I think you just have to flip a coin and pick a way.
Your not going to please everyone...
Lastly , on the bone...if you're talking about how to cook it. For me always on the bone.
But if you're talking about how to reheat I'm confused again.
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Ha, yep "on the bone on the smoker" as it were.


Thanks, sorry if this is confusing. My slow cooker is too small to fit a turkey breast so oven it is

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