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Used propane tanks go for more here than new steel. Hard to believe. An average tank here on CL is $250.

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Thats about what I'm seeing, and they are slim pickens also... and most are 250 gallon. I would only want a 120-125 gallon. Maybe a 150 for the right price but I would probably shorten it a little.

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I just need the 120 CAP! and cant find it for a decent price. Everything ive found they want $175+ for just the CAP! *tearing up* haha
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That's crazy. The cap + 1/4 pipe would have been the perfect combo
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Mines 3/8 pipe. And i only paid $65 for 6' of it.
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That's a really good deal. In that case I would be working with the pipe too! The first place I called in austin wanted $65/ft for 3/8" pipe. But they didn't have it in stock.
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Well i have more place to look tmro, if they dont have it ill cut the plat and cap it off with flat plate tomorrow.
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It sure pays to shop around.


Here's that piece of steel I cut out beyond the dam to try to regulate the volume and get the temps more in line. Didn't work....




Today the weather was nice and I got to "experiment" with the pit today, checking temps and such. That's what I tell the wife when I want to burn some meat. So, I threw on some meat.....


We bought some beef "finger" ribs the other day. I haven't had much luck with making beef ribs tender, but I am convinced that I can. I've watched a couple of shows recently and also looked at the threads on this forum for that subject.


I've decided to do a little different than just dry rubbing them down and smoking.


Here we go:


2 racks of finger beef ribs. Both marinated for half a day. One in a homemade teriyaki, the other in a Tabasco raspberry chipotle.


And onto the pit @ 225. Because of the small size, I am going 2-2-1,






This is where we were after 2 hours of smoke. They were pulled off and wrapped. While being wrapped, I added more teriyaki to one, and more Tabasco raspberry chipotle to the other, as well as some sliced peaches and their juice to both.



This is what they looked like after two hours on the pit and unwrapped.



They sure shrunk! Meat temps were running in the 190's and the temp probe felt like I was pushing it through soft butter. At this point, they are pretty much done. I kept them on the pit for another 45 minutes with the temp at 185-190. Not trying to cook them more, but the firm them up a bit.



Off the pit, wrapped in foil, wrapped in towels, and an hour from now, in the belly. I think they will be really good. Guess I will post the pics of the empty bones Being served with the wife's world famous a** blistering jalapeno potato salad.

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Looking good to me!
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BudaQ, I have no experience cooking on a reverse flow. The one I'm building will be my first. But, in reading about them, I have read alot about being able to tune them by raising and lowering the non-firebox end to help even out temps. How level is your cooker? Maybe next time you are looking for an excuse to "run diagnostics" on the grill :p , you can try raising the nose slightly to see if that helps?? Heat runs up hill and maybe that will help get a little flow to the other end of the cooker. Just a thought...

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