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Awesome cook.

Very nice
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Brisket turned out with good bark and very juicy, everybody seemed to like it. I ate a little, BBQ has always been my favorite food, but about 6 years ago I started having some medical problems and was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and Type II Diabetes. Long story short meat , especially smoked meat and I do not do well. But sometimes I just say what the heck and go for it and usually pay the price the next several days. The up side is I really enjoy smoking for family and friends. As long as I jus nibble a little and don't over do it not so bad.

Thanks for viewing the cook.



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Great cook Gary!

Sorry to hear about the medical condition and I can understand your approach by only eating what you can manage. The way your cook turned out it would be very hard not to steal a few pieces of barked ends before they went to the table!

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Exactly what I did.   Thanks



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I enjoy cooking it more than eating it myself, usually a piece of sausage and one or two ribs  does me fine, the reast if for everyone else.

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im actually trying out my sausage recipe's today on my guys, trying to get some feed back.


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That sausage looks good !!!!



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Hey Gary. I finally got back and had to check out how your cook turned out. VERY NICE. Those Briskets look awesome and I am going to grab a roll of butcher paper next time I'm out. You've officially converted me. Thanks and well done!

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Try it and see, you might one in foil and one in butcher paper and see which one you like the best. After 12 hours and an hour resting it was very juicy and almost to tender. You can see the bark, I really like that.


Glad you enjoyed the pictures



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