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Originally Posted by fpmich View Post

To Everyone.  Please help with good curing info.
I've been reading via Google, and in these forums too, about cures.  Every time I think I have a handle on it, it seems to changes.

I understand the different terms between "True" Dry Cures,  Dry Brine, and Wet Brine,
I guess the amounts of cure is much higher for true dry cures, and may use nitrates as well and take weeks to months/years to mature. 
Not for me right now.  Too new, no facilities and no patience for months of curing time.

So for now, I only need to learn short/semi short cures, using cure #1.  AKA Dry brining and wet brining/injecting.

1.  Do dry brines use a different ratio of cure to meat, than wet and/or injection type brining?  If so, how do I calculate each, Or Better Yet, where do I find an online calculator for each.

Use 1 gram of cure #1 per pound of stuff...

2.  Just what is an  "equilibrium" brine?  And how is it different from a wet brine (such as Pops)

An equilibrium brine is where a solution of ingredients is made up totaling the amount required in the meat and in the brine... then time takes over as the ingredients are absorbed into the meat until the liquid and the meat have the same concentrations... come to equilibrium... specifically used in thinner cuts of meat... over 2" thick, the meat should be injected also with the brine totaling 10% of the weight of the meat.... If the meat weighs 4000 grams, inject 400 grams of brine....

3.  If using a brine like Pop's,, can I soak meat first for recommend time without salt and sugar (just water and cure#1)  and then make a seasoning marinade for a day or two?   Will the marinade still be absorbed, or would the just water and cure have stopped that?

Add all the ingredients to the "brine" that you plan on flavoring the meat.... One time brine, so to speak....

4.  Will "just cure #1 and water" still be absorbed without using salt?   Or is salt needed to make that absorbing happen?

Salt is required as it is the ingredient, (carrier) that makes all this happen...
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Thank you Dave.

I appreciate your time spent in explaining what each number is from, and what it represents.  I haven't absorbed it yet, but I will.

That was a very good explanation, in my book.  I almost understood it on first read though.  LOL 

I will come back to it and learn from it though.  Trust me.


As for the salt... I had a pretty good hunch it was needed to help cure to absorb into meat.


I will get back to you and any others, that would like to expand my learning in a couple of days.  I still have questions.

Heck, I'll ALWAYS have questions.  I remind myself of my niece.  Uncle Floyd used to call her "Questions" when she was little.

As in "Oh Oh, here come Questions down the path Cile!"  LOL


Oven drying my jerky right now, and going to try to get some photo's up if I can.


Can you folks answer another question for me.


From what I've read, here and there, if using ground meat you have to take it to 160*-165*, regardless if it has cure or not.

But if you are using whole muscle meat (as I am)  Then if using a cure, you do not have to take it to 145*-165*.  Lower IT is acceptable.

If using whole muscle without cure then you should take it to 160*-165* before drying.


Quote: from another site.

• Jerky Meat With Cure* - Can be cold smoked or dried at low temperatures (under 160°F.) without the risk of spoiling. Making jerky this way allows you to cold smoke jerky in just about any type smokehouse you can fashion. Cure also adds it own unique flavor to the final taste.


• Jerky Meat Without Cure - Must be cooked or processed at temperatures above 160°F. This method of making jerky has to be done in ovens or smokers that allow the temperature to be regulated and maintained above 160°F.


Do I understand this right?

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Here's the results of my jerky oven drying yesterday.


I used lowest setting possible, added this little fan to cracked door.  Worked quite well.



Temps ranged between 158* and 165* mostly.  Couple of spikes to 172* , but only for a minute or two




Taste real good and peppery.



Bend test.



Fuzzy pic here.  Dry but not too much.

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Greetings Frank. This thread started with a General question on Curing. But has gotten HUGE and hard to follow for other members who may have the same questions. Since you have gone from general curing safety to specific meats. Your last two questions are of a Production theme and not exactly a Safety issue per se. It will be much easier to get answers by posting in the specific forum for each meat, Salmon in Fish, Jerky in the Jerky forum, Etc. This will help other members find the same info as few would even think to follow this thread to the 6th and 7th page to find out how much cure to use in Jerky. Thanks...JJ

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I understand what you're saying Chef JJ, and agree.


I've ran some forums and know 1st hand, that moderating and suggesting is not always welcomed, nor understood.

It impossible to list all the reasons beforehand. for moderating guidelines.


On some forums they don't want you starting a different thread each time, and some do.  Some don't allow post under 5 - 10 words and some allow 1 per post.  It just takes time to learn what the forums like.  I'll get better at understanding this forum, I hope.


I thought about posting some of the things in new threads, but wanted to keep the info I am learning in same thread, as well as giving feedback to those helping me.  (easier for me to follow the info specific to my questions.


So if I feel I need to add anything about just cures, I'll do it in this thread, but any recipes, and photo's in another thread, and just link to those new threads.

Would that be acceptable?


I do read through all post in this thread from time to time, to better understand.

And when I do, I see posts that either I wish I hadn't posted, or that others hadn't posted that just take up space, like talking about boating and make it harder to read entire thread.

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Frank, This thread and all threads that you start and reply to are kept forever in your profile to review as desired. This particular forum is specifically for Safety issues. Such as, " The recipe calls for 1 Tablespoon of Cure and I used a teaspoon. Will I get food poisoning? We have a separate forum for Curing and Curing problems and discussion, so that would be the appropriate forum to post any further Curing questions with meat successes in their associated forum... While I can leave this forum up for you and others review, it has gotten too far off the discussion of your original Safety issue and moved on from page 2 thru 7 to Fish and Jerky Curing questions. As much as I would like to leave this open for you to have your stuff consolidated in one thread, no individual can have a on going personal thread. With 50,000 members it would be impossible to follow every ones personal thread. This would result in information being lost, unavailable or a thread simply too large to be useful for the general membership. Since your Jerky is now complete and you have a record of your questions and all the answers under Threads Started in your Profile, this thread has run it's course and needs to be Locked. You have generated some great questions complete with great responses. Please continue to take us all on your continued Curing adventure. Your results look delicious. Thanks and feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I am always happy to help...JJthumb1%20copy.gif 

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