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Well, I find if I loan something out, usually I get a credit in my favor log that I can cash in down the road, and that buys me more than the few bucks I'll make charging them. Especially in my business.

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Favors and barter system has worked for me for a long time. I was in the Steel Erection and Crane and Rigging business for over 40 years



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Well, that is the best part about BBQ.


If you can cook half decent and have a mobile pit, there will always be party's to go to, you will be more popular than the band that's playing, people wont complain if you drink all their beer.......


And if you ever need any help around the house, just fire up a pit and all your neighbors will start checking on you shortly......( just say "ribs will be done real soon...give me a hand for a minute"....they never refuse)


Never mind how far a free hat and a plate of ribs goes with your customers...

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Ribwirrard......I have done large pigs and as stated before.....a lot of waste.

I did a 46 lb pig a couple of months ago because they wanted some "show". I added 6 "butts" and 8 racks of ribs to cook at the same time for extra meat. He got the pictures he wanted and we had plenty of meat to go around with very little waste to speak of.



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What are they getting a lb now for whole pigs?   It used to be so cheap that even with the waste, you came out ahead.

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Holly cow!!  Here is the response from a local Meat market I e-mailed.....



A 40-50lb hog is $3.50/lb and a 30-40lb hog is $3.89/lb. These are the two ranges closest to your inquiry that our supplier carries. You may request that we err smaller or larger to better fit your needs. If it falls right at 40 exactly, we will give you the $3.50/lb price. A $50 deposit is necessary for us to pace the order. Thank you for your interest. Hope to see you soon!

I remember when you could get these for $.99 cent a lb.


I'll price them at resteraunt depot next time Im there, but at $3.50 a lb, and boston butts and ribs still going for less than $2.00 a lb, thats just crazy.

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Wow that is crazy.

I have a locat market I get my BBQ meats from. I'll look and see what they sell for there.
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Well,  what did you decide  Big or little ?



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leaning towards 120 gallon, but have been so crazy busy this past week, havnt had time to do anything yet.

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I have both a 120 and a 250. Both are reverse flows, with a single rack in the cook chamber. I have found that I prefer the 120 the majority of the time as it has plenty of capacity for almost all family or friend gatherings. With vertical racks for ribs I can cook 27 slabs at once, or can throw on 10 butts or 1/2 dozen briskets..... The 250 gal just gathers dust most of the year...

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I agree .............



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Don't get me wrong, I think the 250 is the perfect size pit when your ready to throw down and cook some serious food.    Id rather have two 250 pits over one 500 pit.


But times are changing , and ribs and butts are not $.79 cent a lb nor are leg quarters $.29 cent either, and feeding 100 people cost some major bucks these days and most people don't have that kind of dough to throw around any more.


I think a smaller , compact , pit would get more use,  and I might even think about replacing #19 with one of them. Who knows.

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That is why the pit I use all the time is a smaller pit. I can hold plenty for Me , Wife, Son, Grandson, other Son, daughter in-law, other grandson, granddaughter and the neighbor. Like you If I am going to cook for a bunch, breakout two pits. It's not cheap to cook a couple of briskets, several racks of rib, sausage and boudin.



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Ribwizzard I agree with you on the 120.  I have a Lang 60 which is built from a 120 gallon tank.  I recently had occasion to do a whole pig for a friend that was doing a Cuban style engagement party.  He wanted plenty of food and wanted a whole pig.  My local source for whole pigs is an old country style meat market which butchers on Tuesdays and Thursdays so getting exactly what I wanted fresh was no problem.  Nice drive, 40 miles, and only $1.49 a pound.  The smallest they have is 75 pounds.  That is about the limit of what will fit in my Lang.

there was still room on the right side to put a couple of boston butts





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My 2 cents if renting keep the workings simple. You will be dealing with all levels of experience. Make it easy to clean. Maybe charge a deposit to cover cleaning or busted tail light.

Best wishes

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Well, the other good thing about the 120 is the small foot print and easy towability.  Even someone with a s10 or ranger could tow it with no problem. And it should be light enough to push through the yard by hand.

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Sounds like a good plan. That size will still cook a lot of food.



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My buddy was looking for one for this weekend.. Gonna cook a 140lb pig for his daughters wedding reception... I asked him how much would he be willing to pay and he said 75 to 100 bucks -  hope that helps ya out

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