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Phew! Brisket turned out fairly good

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So after a few successful pork butts and some really good smoked chicken I decided to try my hand at brisket again.  The first battle was dismal loss.  It was dry, tough and just all around lousy.  The burnt ends were nothing to write home about either.


Now came round 2.  But not only round 2, but my first overnight smoke to boot.  


Friday night I seasoned the beef up.  A 10 lb whole brisket.  Started up the GOSM at 9:30 pm with cherry and mesquite chunks.



The briskets went in at 10:00 pm at 230 degrees.  Had to adjust the temp a bit to bring it back up after putting the meat in, but soon enough it was moving right along.


Around 12:30 am I put the meat probe in and setup the alarms.  Much to my surprise, the meat was already reading 154 degrees after 2 1/2 hours.  I thought that was a little fast but it was a little on the thin side so I thought it might just be cooking faster.


I lowed the temp down to 210 and let things go through the night.   Around 5:30 am I happen to wake up and brisket was at 174 and the smoker at 195.  Not sure why the alarms didn't go off though. Who knows, maybe I turned them off in my sleep....LOL


Got up and separated the flat from the point.  Wrapped the flat and cubed the point for burnt ends.  Sauced, seasoned and into the pan the cubes went and back to bed for me.


Next thing I know, like an hour and fifteen later, the thermometer is going off saying the meat is at 185, which is when I wanted to take it out of the foil and back on the rack for the bark to reset.  But then then the IT dropped down to 168 and wouldn't budge.  Why? I don't know.  I left it on the grate until it slowly crept back up to 178 where I wrapped it again so it would dry out.  Pulled it out at 10:00 am and wrapped in a towel and put in a cooler to rest.


Also, I pulled the burnt ends out of the pan and put them on a wire rack to render down even more and boy did they turn out great.  


Made up a pan of ChefJimmy’s Au Jus also, which is to die for.  It just adds so much flavor to the brisket (and mashed potatoes!)


All in all, an interesting time on this brisket.


First slices




Burnt Ends



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It all looks really Good!!!
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Looks pretty tasty! Every cut of meat has a mind of its own!

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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

Looks pretty tasty! Every cut of meat has a mind of its own!


I am finding that out indeed!  LOL

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I really have to try a brisket, yours looks fantastic. nice job

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looks good from here!



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Hello Beachcomber1126.  Looks like the family had a GREAT meal.  Good job.  Keep Smokin!


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