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St Lois ribs

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I have a brinkman ECS smoker with not much room for smoking ribs. Will be using both grates to smoke 3 racks of st Lois ribs, each rack cut in two so that they will fit in the smoker. My question is, will be using the 3-2-1 method, can I stack the ribs on top of each other in the covered foil pan phase of this method of smoking? Will be using apple juice in the bottom of the pan.
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I don't see why not.
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Sure it all the time when I have larger cooks. Use racks first...then foil them in piles....then finish them in sauce a couple at a time.

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I do that when I foil. Frees up space in the smoker for other things like ABT's, chicken wings, or smoker roasted veggies!

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Thanks for all the responses. My wish list includes a 22.5 WSM. Maybe for my birthday or Xmas.
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