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Ribs, Chicken, Burgers - A Day of Cooking/Smoking (Q-View)

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Just getting everything set up.


Getting Fire going. Hickory Log


Grilled some hamburgers for lunch.  Nothing fancy Salt and Pepper and Seasoning Salt.



Pulled the ribs after 3 hours of smoke with hickory and apple wood,

used a sweet rub on them.



Started mopping the ribs with my homemade sauce.


Some baked potatoes also.


Did a chicken as well, used a creole and garlic injection and some garlic and herb seasoning, put the seasoning under the skin as well on the skin.


Did some chicken breast as well for future dinners through out the week.



Mopping, Mopping, and More Mopping. Far one on the left has sweet baby rays on it, in case some people don't like my sauce.



Pulled and resting for a few.



Cut into them and they were amazing with the sweet rub and my homemade sauce.


The whole chicken I did was ok I don't like the creole and garlic, will try something different next time, as far as all the other food I grilled it turned out pretty good, it was a very long day with all the food I did, I did pork chops as well not shown.

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GREAT looking grub! I like a full smoker. Nice smoker as well.

Happy smoken.


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Looks GOOD !!
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Tasty looking cook!

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That's a lot of Great looking food!!! Nice rig too!!!

Happiness is a full smoker!!
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I know you had a blast with all that food!  Looks great from my direction!



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That's some good lookin food right there!

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Thanks everyone, all that food came out really good.

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Now that's a smoker full of good food! I like the smoker too!

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Thanks SmokinHusker, when I got that smoker it needed some major work as the person who built didn't know what he was doing, should see some of my other post of what it looked like before, anyways it work awesome now after fixing it and all the mods to it. And turning out some good Q on it.

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That is a lot of great food. The only thing you forgot was my invitation!



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