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Gave them a whirl today

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Ive seen a few different styles for ABT's and everyone makes them differently, i tried them a few different ways tonight. Take a look
Started by slicing some lengthwise. Half of these were topped with bacon, half had it mixed in with cream cheese. The other 6 i cut the tops off, cored them, and stuffed the cream cheese cheddar and bacon mixture in from the top, along with a little smoky on each one. Whats yalls favorite way? Mine was the lengthwise cut in half one with the bacon mixed in with the stuffing. Sorry no final qview. They didnt last long!

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I slice mine lengthwise...and totally wrap the jalap in bacon.  From one end all the way back...and put a tooth pick to hold the bacon there.  That way the cream cheese stuff doesn't ooze out as much.



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They all are looking Good!!! How did they turn out?
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They turned out great. I liked the ones that had the bacon mixed in with the stuffing, because on my mes the bacon wont get good and crispy it just stays limp. Didnt have an issue with the filling falling out luckily. I have a picnic next friday at work, anyone ever try reheating these after theyre made? How does it turn out? I dont want to bring them if theyre gonna be all soggy
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