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new to me smoker

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just got a used but like new masterbuilt 7 in 1 charcoal/propane smoker.

couldn't pass it up for 40$.

just wondering what the thoughts are on this smoker and if there's anything I need to know.

didn't come with a manual and didn't try to get one online yet.i will tho.

propane or charcoal?

I have a brinkman gourmet electric smoker I have been using also so how different is it?

any info and input greatly appreciated.

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I really don't know anything about that smoker but it sounds like you a heck of a deal fo $40!!!!!
Show us some pictures of it!!!
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I will post pics tomorrow.

The guy I bought it from said he only smoked ribs and salmon on it and by lookin at it not very much.

it's still shiny.if I had to guess I would say it was used maybe 6 times(guessing).

it looks like it sat outside unused more than anything.

gonna fire it up this weekend and see how it does.

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