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It takes a bit longer, but I like my pizzas on the crispy side. We already have a stone instead of paying $60 for theirs
Anyway I start out on high 10 to 15 min till crust firms up then transfer to grate and finish it up. It's right around 20 min total cook time....
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So I picked up my peppers and meats for my batch of chili for the big game. I have another post going under Smoked peppers if anyone wants to see how it turns out. I'm smoking everything tomorrow night, and making the chili Saturday for hopefully an amazing batch on Sunday. Here are the peppers I chose, I am going with a pork tenderloin, Serloin steak, and ground chuck.

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Try putting a little 1/4 cup of ur morning coffee in ur chile (BLACK).

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Peppers and meat is a smokin,

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Simmering getting ready for the big game. Flavor is awesome

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I know the original post is dated but just wanted to say I tried this recipe over the weekend and it is DELICIOUS.  I had a few alterations such as ground Elk instead of ground beef and pork chops instead of pork roast but the end result was sensational.  

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