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burning barrel blues

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   Ok I already built a uds  u of m uds that works great.Some of my friends liked it so much they asked me to build them i picked up some barrels with lids that had a paint liner in them.I burned them off and the outside I just use 150 grit and right down to metal like nothing flat.Iinside is a different story hard as hell to get out. My thought is if it dont burn out at high temp what is smoker temps gonna do and also they were food safe barrels so what would it hurt to just wipe them down and season them..Can someone give me some ideas:help:     



                                                         Thanks SMOKIN WOODYS

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is it just paint on the inside or was it a plastic liner?
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Just paint
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I've read on here of people getting them sandblasted rather inexpensively.
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I did mine myself and it was a pain to get all the paint off the inside. I bought a cheap sandblaster from the big orange box store. It worked but I didn't have a hood and it made the experience rather miserable. I've read that many auto-body shops will sand blast for you. I live just south of Lapeer and I found a few places in Lapeer that do sandblasting by doing a simple Google Maps search. I still need to post my build info.

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