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1st time pork steak smoke

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I tried my hand at some pork steaks today. Sorry, no pics, didn't think about it until there was nothing but bones left. lol I had initially found this place to see what others were doing concerning smoking pork steaks. I saw some posts about brining. I have never done it before but thought I would try it (my version anyway). I never did really like pork steaks on the grill, too tough for me. I made a soak out of Pepsi and salt and left it there for about 4.5 hrs. Put a dry rub on them, and into the smoker with oak/apple chips and apple juice in the pan. I went 230* for two hrs and pulled them out to finish on the grill, as we were having grilled, stuffed, wrapped duck breasts also. My wife, daughter and sil wouldn't let me put them on the grill to apply sauce to glaze. They liked the way they looked just like they were. Pretty good eats, not QUITE as tender as I would have liked, but real close. Will have to back off the ground red pepper just a tad next time - a little hot for my wife, though she didn't say anything. lol

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I'm happy that worked out for you!!!
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