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The first Pork Butt in the new smoker

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Tried to insert a pic...don't know how to do it, maybe??  Anyway, just finished up some smoking.  I did two chickens and a pork butt.  I brined one chicken, rubbed the other, then rubbed and injected the butt.  The chickens smoked for about three and a half hours, the butt for about four and a half.

I must say, the chickens came out A-maz-ing!!  Haven't tried the butt yet, it's resting.  Gonna do a brisket in a couple weeks.  Yea!

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Happy to hear the chicken came out so good! Hope the butt did too!
This might help you with uploading pictures:
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Sounds great. I have a question and safety concern. How big was the Pork Butt, and what internal temperature did you take it too. The pork butt I do I take to 190-205 degrees for pulled pork and take 10-15 hours. I am concerned about a 4 1/2 hour smoke on a pork butt, can you let us know how big it was and if you measured temps

Great start


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definitely some questions need unless of course ya smoked the butt for 4 hrs and finished off in oven.
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Hi all. The pork butt was incredible. Since controlling the heat has been a huge learning process, the smoker was pretty hot...the pork butt got done. I pulled it out at 180 and let it rest for a bit. It was tender, juicy, and yummy.
Since then I've done two briskets...the first a huge success, the second not quite as much but still good. Would have liked to do a turkey, but didn't have time.
Overall am happy with results so far.
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