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2 Pork Butts

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I have 2 butts on the 18.5 WSM together the are 19 lbs. Smoker is at 266°F one butt is at 81°F not to bad for 40°F weather. I say one butt because I only have one Maverick at the moment. The temps tonight might make me bring butts in the house to finish cooking. Q-view to come I have tooken a few pics so far.
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No oven cooking.  LOL


Post your pics.

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Nothing wrong with finishing in the oven, if you are going to foil them they won't take on any smoke anyway. Lets see the pics you already have!
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Take the foil off for the last half hour or so (once it hits around 195) or it will have a "crock pot" taste.
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Here is the Q-view




The crockpot is for work the pan is for supper



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Great job.
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