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My bark is soggy

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I just smoked two butts last night and kept the avg temp right at 230 all night.


I used a light coating of mustard as my base and a homemade rub.  But when taking the butts off the grill, the barks is like soggy white bread instead of charred skin/flesh that's crunchy like I really like it.


What's the secret?

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Eric explains a method very well in this article:

I have adopted his methods and they work! Super juicy with an Awesome bark that isn't burnt!
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Lose the mustard and turn the heat up to at least the 250°-275° range. For crunchy bark make sure to use raw sugar in the rub.

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Try a spray , I use I part rum 2 parts apple juice spray every hour or so, after meat temp hits 100.
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Thanks all!


I will try the methods mentioned here.

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