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No Way!!!


Your posts Rock!!


Thank You for them,


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Hello Miss Leah.  I still can't get my head around eatin the leftover bait.  I love your posts and you are draggin me kickin and screamin so I just may have to give this stuff a try.  It looks GREAT!.  I am about as "REDNECK" as you can get but you are starting to win girl.  :icon_lol:  Keep Smokin!


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Well thank you Gentlemen. I am delighted to learn that I'm not boring. Smiles.


And that settles it Danny, as now I need/want a T-shirt that says: I EAT BAIT.


I must get one!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And happy smoking to you as well!!! Cheers! - Leah

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:ROTF  I LOVE  your glass 3/4 full attitude.  Keep going Girl.


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Thank you Danny! Yes, life is worth it!


And funny, every time I really TRY to be depressed and grumpy, it's just so damn overrated and miserable that I jump right back into my zany optimistic glass! Smiles.


Many thanks! Cheers! - Leah

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Thought I would parachute this into your thread.Its the full production of my "alici sotto olive oil" .

Found the photo when I  was looking for something else. They aren't exactly a smelt or a sardine in a Northern Hemisphere sense,but close. Thats preserved lemon & chilli in the jars.

Great in a pasta sauce,onion,cherry tomatoes,parsley & bits. But also finely chopped,fried with the chilli,onion bit of soy sauce then used as a topping on steamed chinese greens. 

Bit salty but it is what it is.

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Hey Moikel!!! It's great to hear from you, and please do parachute in any time!


Those look terrific! I've decided that I just unequivocally adore all the oily and fabulous fish - sardines, anchovies, smelts, herring, bluefish, and then the other day I smoked MACKEREL (posted in a separate thread a few days ago) and must admit to loving that most, or second only to COBIA fish which is my very favorite.


All that to day that SO MANY delectable fishies exist!! And your jarred gems are proof! Thank you for sharing! It's snowing right now here, and I thus nod to your summer-esque weather!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Summer here supposed to be 35c tomorrow.Good weather for chargrilled seafood. I smoke those blue mackerel then use them in salads over summer.Sort dish where the salad has been reinforced to make it a meal on its own .

I am on the trail of some jumbo octopus to do spanish influenced dish with chorizo,red peppers,smoked paprika & bits.

I will find some Spanish "roja" that might be common to both our countries.

Stay warm.Mick

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Do you know of Telmo Rodriguez" Rioja Alonesa " ? Temperanillo,Graciano & Garnacha as a blend. If they ship to a little country with a big wine production like us they should be shipping to you big guys.

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Mick that all sounds sensational (mackerel, octopus, and wine) and I will look for the vino. The Garnacha blends can be surprisingly wonderful!!!


Happy midweek to you!


Food over here this wake is shaping up like this: Simple cuttlefish today, frogs' legs tomorrow, and then a Thanksgiving celebration on Friday instead; with smoked alligator, and then something fun and smoked for my next "video-blog" this weekend.


Meanwhile, you have me craving Tempranillo and so it goes!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!! - Leah

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